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Attendance Calling with BrightArrow

To make an attendance call, log into BA using one of the appropriate accounts that has access to the attendance lists. Review the list for errors and make the call.  The calls already have...

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Discipline Log entry-ISBE

Per ISBE requirements discipline incidents related to in school suspension, out of school suspension, and expulsions must be reported to the state. Discipline entries are exported to ISBE from the district IT department weekly...


Homeless Indicator

Homeless students must be entered in Powerschool for ISBE reporting. (The homeless indicator is cleared at the completion of each school year in July during the Powerschool rollover process.) This function is currently performed by...


PowerSchool Security setup

To setup a staff member in PowerSchool please follow the directions below When setting up a staff member, make sure one full day has passed after the staff member has been added to FirstClass....

Archival of Records

Archival of Records

Permanent Record Archival 60 years Prior to sending records to be digitally stored compare roster book to transcripts. This insures that you don’t miss any students. The records need to be boxed in alphabetical...

Destruction of Records

Destruction of Records

The Facility Office manages the district wide destruction of records every year per Illinois guidelines. The .pdf below has examples from previous year memo, instructions and forms. destruction of records.pdf