Issuing iBook Codes Thru PowerSchool

iBooks that District purchases through the Apple Volume Purchase Program will be issued to students through PowerSchool by the Bookstore Managers.

  1. Under the Setup heading on the left side, click School.
  2. Under the General heading, click Resource Inventory Delivery.
  3. Only one manager can mass assign codes at a time.
    1. If the top of the page states “Code Assignment locked by: <staff name>”, return to assign codes at a later time.  For reference, assignment of a single title takes under a minute.
    2. If the top of the page states “Code Assignment is Unlocked”, then click Lock/Unlock System under the Code Assignments heading.
    3. After, clicking Lock/Unlock System, the top of the page will now state “Code Assignment locked by: <your name>”.
  4. Under Code Assignments, click Assign Codes to Students.
  5. Select the Teacher requesting codes for their students.
  6. Two new drop-downs will appear.  Select the Resource being requested.
  7. Then either elect an individual section or the All Sections option depending on the teachers request.
  8. A student list will populate along with the # of available codes.
  9. If there are enough codes click the Assign Codes button.
  10. The system will assign a code for each student.
  11. Click the red link at the top that says Remember to UNLOCK the system when you are done.
  12. Click the Unlock button.  The system is now free for the next manager to use.