Intervention Report

The intervention report will give information about ongoing programs as well as programs that have ended.  This report will pull the intervention and grade information. If there are multiple courses attached to an intervention, there will be multiple lines for each course. This will allow each course to be looked at separately as well as looking at the intervention as a whole.


Understanding how grades are displayed is very important to how this report works. Grades are stored every Sunday morning.  Only grades that have changed in the last 7 days will be stored.  When grades on this report are displayed, it is the closest grade that has been stored that will display.

For example, if an intervention was started on 9/14/2016, the report will look at the grades stored and find the grade that is closest to 9/14/2016 without going over. It may not be the exact grade on 9/14/2016, but it will be the closest.

Technical Details

Grades are stored every Sunday at 12:01 AM. Only the grades that have changed in the last 7 days are stored. This is done in order to reduce space, but this means not every grade is stored every Sunday. When the system looks for the grade on X date, it looks for the last grade saved that is before or equal to X date. Additionally the date used to find the grade is not based on when it was stored, but rather the date it was last updated. This grade can be up to 2 weeks old according to Board Policy. The grade for both the start and end date are calculated this way.

Example: Student T’s math class grade was last updated on Monday 9/12/2016 and it was a D. On Sunday 9/18/2016 when grades are stored, the grade will be stored with the last updated date of 9/12/2016. If the system looks for a grade for the math class on 9/19/2016, it will report the Monday 9/12/2016 which is a D.

Now Monday 9/19/2016 the grade was updated again this time the grade is a A. On Sunday 09/25/2016 when grades are stored the grade will be stored with the last updated date of 9/19/2016. When the system looks for a grade for Student T’s math class on 9/19/2016 the grade it will be a A.  This is because now the closest grade and not going over is the A.

Intervention Report

  1. Choose a Program(s)
    • To choose multiple programs hold command (mac)/control (windows) and click
  2. Select a Present On date
    • The present on date will only display students that were enrolled on that particular date
  3. Click Load Report
    Intervention Report

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