Mass Intervention Enrollment

You can track interventions along with classes associated with the intervention. It allows greater flexibility with better reporting.

There are two ways to enter a student into an intervention, individually or in mass.

Mass Intervention Enrollment

The mass intervention enrollment is simple and straight forward. It will allow for quick entry.

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Make your selection
    • Using a report
    • Using multi select
    • Hand picking students
  3. Go Extended Reports>Function>Mass Intervention
  4. Select the Program
  5. Choose the Enrollment Date
  6. Click Load Report
  7. Review the resulting table.
    • Change any exit dates, result, and notes
    • Select any class related to the intervention
  8. Add any additional information
    • Use the Fill Options to fill in any field in mass
    • Under Fill Options there is also the ability to check all or failure only classes
  9. Click Create Interventions

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