Closing Interventions

With this Intervention Program, interventions need to be closed in order for analysis to include ending grades.

A Closing Interventions function is available in PowerSchool>Extended Reports>Functions>Closing Intervention

Closing Intervention

The closing intervention function will show students that either do not have an end date, a result, or both. This function enables the ability to close multiple interventions at once.  To use the report please follow the steps below

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Go to Extend Reports>Function>Closing Interventions
  3. Choose a Program(s)
    • To choose multiple programs hold command (mac)/control (windows) and click
  4. Select a Present On date
    • The present on date will only display students that were enrolled on that particular date and do not have their program closed
    • A program is not closed if the exit date and result is blank.
  5. Click Load Reportclosing_setup
  6. Review  the report
    • Set the exit date
    • Set the result
    • Change the notes (optional)
    • The last column will display grades  at the beginning and current or end grades
  7. Scroll to the the bottom and Click Save

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