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ESY (Extended School Year)

ESY (Extended School Year)

Per ISBE requirements, students attending extended school year with IEP’s must maintain their enrollments through the summer (SIS/ISTAR).  Any students identified as ESY (PowerSchool IEP/504 page at the bottom) will be excluded from SIS...

upload SCA excel

Upload Grade Changes to ISBE SIS

  Student Course assignments (student courses and grades earned) are uploaded to ISBE SIS at the end of each grading semester by the Admin for state reporting at the district level. Any registrar grade changes or additions (Student...


ISBE Course Assignments

SCA-student course assignment CCA-College course assignment OCA-Outside course assignment Due to the ISBE requirements for course assignments all transcripts must be submitted to ISBE each semester. Each building registrar will submit a Webhelp ticket...