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Time Spent in Office Visits

The hours and minutes that students spend during office visits for different types of health issues can be found on this report.

Nurses’ Heading

There are a few items of data that are relevant to any activity being performed by a nurse. The items have been added to a heading that will appear on any student’s immunizations page,...

Office Visit Charts

If nursing staff need to report on the numbers of types of office visits or dispoistion of office visits, the Office Visit Charts can provide the required data.

Today’s Incomplete Office Visits

Today’s Incomplete Office Visits

Nursing staff see many students throughout the day and it’s possible that a student could run out of the office without having a disposition or time-out added to that student’s office visit record. The...

Browse Office Visits

Nursing staff can browse past visits. The most common use would be to locate a case when a nurse remembers specific details about the case but not the student’s name, and it can also...

Student Office Visits

Office visits can be entered into a student’s PowerSchool record under Health. This is only available to nursing staff.