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Teacher Sales Report

Teachers can make purchases in the bookstore using department funds.  Each month, finance needs a copy of to make the accounting adjustments in Skyward and Department Chairs need a copy so that they can...



BTSW Cashiers will view these videos as part of their training prior to back-to-school week.

Charging iPad Students for Replacement Books

Posterita does not allow users to charge customers for items that are normally free.  In order to charge iPad students for replacement physical textbooks, cashiers need to use a separate item: #12345 Replacement Book.

Reprint or Re-email Receipts

Posterita receipts can be reprinted or re-emailed at any time by looking up the receipt number or by looking up the student’s sales history.

Selling iPad Apps

Even though students are issued all the iPad apps that they require, we still “sell” iPad apps through Posteria for $0.00 a piece.  We do this to manage and issue redemption codes to students....