Category: Purchasing & Budgets

Entering Purchase Orders

In Skyward, authorized users enter POs to authorize the purchase of goods/services and encumber the funds. Note: The district does not issue temporary account access. If you need to create a one time purchase...

Submitting P-Card Activity

Submitting P-Card Activity

Each month, Accounts Payable will upload all p-card transactions.  Card holders will add an account number and receipts in order to submit the transactions.  Supervisors will review all transactions before they are submitted to...

Charging P-Cards to Activity Funds

P-Card activity is submitted through Skyward; however, activity & convenience funds are not available in this module.  Instead, p-card holders will submit activity to a clearance account, and the bookkeeper will handle the transfer...

eCommerce Purchase Orders

Instead of entering a blanket PO and then ordering from a vendor’s website, Office Depot can integrate directly with Skyward and create a PO for the exact amount of your purchase.