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Viewing Past Years

Viewing Past Years

The Find Student function in Rycor locates students that were either active at sometime during the current year or who were inactive but had an overpayment or amount due at the beginning of the...

Waived Status & Demographics

Waived Status & Demographics

Families are unable to pay for school fees until demographics have been verified.  Similarly, students are not joined to the Waived group in Rycor until demographics have been verified.

Quick Filters in Student Groups

Student groups in Rycor , such as All Students, grade levels, sports, etc, can be filtered down to only Due Students, Fully Paid Students, or Overpaid Students, in just two clicks.

Email Addresses Used by the Billing System

Email Addresses Used by the Billing System

Periodically, emails are sent from the billing system, “Rycor”, such as account statements.   There are a specific rules used for determining the emails that will be used when sending notices from the billing system.

Declaring a Check NSF

Checks returned as insufficient funds should be marked NSF in Acorn, and then a $20 replacement fee can be added to the account.  If declared NSF, checks will appear with a NSF marking in...

Viewing Students in a Group

Student Center > Groups > Double-Click Group From Student Groups: Use the tabs to locate the desired Group. Double-click the Group to open the specific ‘Student Group’ window.

Undoing a Payment from a Student Account

Using the Undo function in Acorn is explicitly for the use of removing a payment that was never made.  For example, if a check was hand entered against the wrong student account it would...

Student Fees-Account Histories

When questions arise about a students account and changes that may have taken place or discrepancies about amounts owed/paid, the first place to look is the student’s account histories.