ISBE Direct Certified Processing

ISBE provides a file of students that have been automatically approved for lunch and fee programs by the state based on information they have. In PowerSchool, there is a function that will process this file and create several files for review, and then import them into PowerSchool. The file form ISBE must have the following fields in the correct column. Generally, the file from ISBE is already formatted this way.

Student ID1
Last Name2
First Name3
Matching (MatchRuleTypeId)13
Reason Column (AssistanceSource)14

Once the file is ready to be processed follow the below steps

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click on Extended Reports
  3. Click on Functions
  4. Click on ISBE Certified
  5. Click Choose File
  6. Select the file that has been prepared.
  7. A zip file will be downloaded
  8. Inside the zip will be two files
    • direct cert import.csv
      This file can be reviewed and submitted via Web Help to be imported
    • to be checked and entered manually.csv
      This file has to be manually reviewed and manually entered.
  9. Process both files as described in step 8