Request a New Vendor

Staff with purchasing access can request new vendors. Only the business office can approve new vendors.

Before entering a vendor request, try a global search. The global search will find everything in the system that matches the search. It’s possible the vendor may already exist but you may not know the exact vendor name in the system. Click the Search button in the upper-right of any screen, type a part of the vendor name, and click the magnifying glass.

These steps are for Administrative Access. If you are in Employee Access, you will need to switch to Administrative Access before navigating the menu.

  1. Click the green menu () button.
  2. Click Online Form then My Online Forms
  3. Click Vendor Request
  4. Complete the required fields, attach a W9 unless this is a student, parent, or community member refund or scholarship, and click Submit
  5. New vendors will be available for purchasing the business day following approval.