Online Payment of Parking

Families will be able to pay for parking online through the School Store.  


  1. Schools use their own paper processes to establish student eligibility
  2. Deans will enroll approved students into PowerSchool groups so that the parking fees appear in the School Store:
  3. Parking fees will appear in student’s School Store by 3:30 pm on the day that the Dean performs the enrollment in PowerSchool.

Paying Fees

  • The first time a parent accesses the School Store through SchoolPay there is a one-time registration process.  The one-time setup is a) an agreement to Terms & Conditions and b) indicating that a new parent account should be created or they can tie their Glenbard PowerSchool parent account to an existing SchoolPay account if they used SchoolPay at a grade/middle school. The attached document can be provided to parents. (First Time Accessing the Glenbard Online Store)
  • Parents access the School Store through a link in PowerSchool.  They can then select the parking fee and process a payment.  The attached document can be provided to parents. (Paying for Parking through the Glenbard Online Store)

Tracking Payment

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