Fundraising for Parent-Funded Sports

The district can assist with online fundraising for parent-funded sports.  Below are a few guidelines to consider when researching this option.

Bank Accounts

Both district budget and activity funds cannot commingle with dollars from parent-funded sports.  A parent-funded sport must have its own bank account separate from the district in order for the district to assist with online fundraising.

In order to assist with online fundraising the district will need either a) a canceled check or b) a letter from the bank.  Both of these documents would need the following on them: account number, routing number, and official name and address of the parent organization.  The Assistant Principal of Athletics (APA) or the Assistant to the APA should submit this to the district office.

Tax Implications

The district is not a for-profit organization, however, it is also not a 501.3c organization.  The district cannot provide any tax guidance to parent funded organizations.

Requesting Fundraisers

Once a bank account has been established by the parent-funded organization and the district has established a connection with their bank account, the district can set up an online fundraiser for them and the dollars collected will be deposited directly into the parent-funded organization’s bank account.  To set up a fundraiser, the Assistant Principal of Athletics (APA) or the Assistant to the APA should initiate the following process:

  1. Log in to your Glenbard Google account
  2. Open and complete this Google form
  3. District will call you to discuss details for complex items.
  4. District will create the item and provide proof for the review of the APA.
  5. The APA will provide approval/revisions and district will make the fundraiser active.

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