eCommerce Purchase Orders

Instead of entering a blanket PO and then ordering from a vendor’s website, Office Depot can integrate directly with Skyward and create a PO for the exact amount of your purchase.

  1. Click the green menu button () near the top-left.
  2. Click Purchasing and then My Purchase Order under Features.
  3. Click on Add Purchase Order.
  4. Click the Shop Online checkbox.
  5. The vendor drop-down with update to Ecommerce Vendor and only include vendors with integrations with Skyward.
  6. Click the Save and Add Detail button.
  7. Save and Add Detail will take you to the vendor’s website.  Complete your order as normal.
  8. Once the check out is completed on the vendor’s site, detail line items will be added to your requisition in Skyward according to your shopping cart from the vendor website.
    • Office Depot’s website
  9. You will be returned to Skyward.  Select an Account to use to pay for this order.
  10. Click Save & Submit.

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