Submitting P-Card Activity

Each month, Accounts Payable will upload all p-card transactions.  Card holders will add an account number and receipts in order to submit the transactions.  Supervisors will review all transactions before they are submitted to Accounts Payable.


  1. In Administrative Access, click the green menu () button near the top-left.
  2. Click Accounts Payable.
  3. Click My Credit Card Transactions.
  4. On the transaction that you want to update, click the paperclip icon.
  5. Click the Add Attachment button.
  6. Click Select Files, browse and attach a file, select the Default Attachment Type, and click Save.
  7. Highlight the transaction that you want to update.  The two screens on the bottom display the details and accounting of the highlighted transaction.
  8. In the bottom left table, Credit Card Transaction Detail, click the arrow () button.
  9. Update the Description to be a clear description of the purchase or the transaction will be denied by your supervisor.
  10. Begin typing an Account Number in the Account drop-down and select your account number as the drop-down filters down to match your typing.
  11. In the Percent field type 100 and click tab to put the full transaction on one account. [If it needs to be assigned to multiple accounts, use the Add Account Distribution and use the Percent fields accordingly.]
  12. Click the Save & Back button.
  13. When you are ready to submit your transaction, click the down arrow () button to the left of the transaction.
  14. Click Submit.

IMPORTANT: Additional details about filling out transactions that need to be charged to a building activity fund can be found in the following article: Charging P-Cards to Activity Funds

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