Reviewing/Approving P-Card Activity

Card holders review and submit their p-card transactions in Skyward.  Supervisors must review the activity prior to the data being batched for Accounts Payable.

  1. In the Financial Management system, click Accounts Payable.
  2. Under Credit Cards, click Approve Transactions.
  3. Three important areas to review for each transaction:
    1. Verify that a descriptive Description has been entered. (Click Edit to change.)
    2. Verify that an appropriate Account number has been entered. (Click Edit to change.)
    3. Review receipts:
      1. When a transaction is highlighted, the Attach button will have two *s (**) if there is an attachment.
      2. Click the Attach button.
      3. Click View Attachment.
  4. Once a transaction has been reviewed, check the box in the Approve column.
  5. If the description needs more detail or receipts weren’t attached, click the box in the Deny column.
  6. Once all transactions have been reviewed, click the Submit Approvals and Denials button.

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