Bookstore & iPad Help Desk Manual

This article provides quick links for activities in the Bookstore/iPad Help Desk.

Segregation of Duties

Sales of items in the Bookstore should be handled through Posterita by the Bookstore Manager/Secretary for Activities.  Technicians are not allowed to handle payments.

iPad buyouts and any iPad claims should always begin with a Technician.  These transactions require a number of things other than recording the transaction (updating systems, issuing bill-of-sale, etc).  Only Technicians have access to the records necessary to process the additional items.  These transactions will update Rycor in real-time.

If a student wants to provide an in-person payment against their Rycor student balance, the Bookstore Manager/Secretary for Activities will need to handle these transactions.  See “Student Account Payments at Schools” below.

Sales of Items in the Bookstore

Logging into Posterita

Processing a sale

Processing returns

Looking up a students sales history

Charging students for replacement paper books

End of day should be run every day there are sales transactions. If sales did not occur, end of day does not need to be run.

Paying “On Account”

If a student needs to make a Bookstore purchase but cannot pay (whether or not they are on waiver), Bookstore Managers/Secretaries for Activities can use the payment type “On Credit”.

On Credit sales will be imported to their student account in Rycor twice weekly on Wednesdays (sales from Fri-Tue) and Fridays (sales from Wed-Thu).

Student Account Payments at Schools

When students bring in cash or check payments that they want applied to their student account balance in Rycor, please write the student a receipt from the Bookstore Manager’s carbon receipt book; these should not be entered in Posterita.  Provide a copy to the student and send the Bookkeeper a copy of the receipt and they will record these payments into Rycor.  For check payments send the check along with the receipt and the Bookkeeper will deposit funds to the bank. Cash should be picked up by Garda and documented on a bi-weekly spreadsheet and emailed to the bookkeeper to record. 

Please note, Glenbard cannot accept check payments for iPad buyouts.

The following can be done in December, April, and May due to the number of students looking to pay off balances. Normally, please ask a student to have their parent pay their balance online through PowerSchool. For students that bring in a credit card to pay off their account balance, there is an item in Posterita called “Account Payments” (or search ap87). Pulling up this item will provide a prompt for the payment amount and then you can charge it to the card they provided.  Credit card payments towards a student’s account will be imported to credit their student account in Rycor twice weekly on Wednesdays (payments from Fri-Tue) and Fridays (payments from Wed-Thu).

Payment TypeProcessFollow-up
CashCarbon receipt to studentCopy of receipt to Bookkeeper
Cash to Garda
Update bi-weekly spreadsheet
CheckCarbon receipt to studentCopy of receipt to Bookkeeper
Check to Bookkeeper
Credit CardProcess Account Payment sale in PosteritaTwice weekly transfer from Posteria to Rycor

iPad Claim & Buyouts

iPad claims & buyouts are entered into Rycor by Technicians.

This will add fees directly to the student’s balance in Rycor.  Please let the student know the fees are immediately available for their parents to pay online.  This is our preferred method that we hope will be followed.

If instead students want to pay those fees in person, see “Student Account Payments at Schools” above.

Seniors graduating on schedule at the end of either semester will have a bill-of-sale mailed to their home address from the district office. If a student is buying out an iPad before their senior year or they are leaving the district at a time other than the end of the semester, the iPad Technician should provide the student with a bill-of-sale.