TRS Fields for New TRS Participation

With TRS’ implementation of their new file requirements, Gemini, HR will need to complete additional fields for all TRS participating employees.

Go to Employee Profile > State Reporting > TRS

  • Type of Employment
    • F = Admins & full-time GEA
    • P = Part-time GEA
    • S = Substitutes
    • H = Summer School teachers
    • E = Out of district coaches
    • If they are performing multiple jobs, choose the one highest on this list.  i.e. If they are a PT teacher and a Summer School teacher, they need a P.
  • TRS Employment Begin Date
    • If it’s a brand new worker, set this to the hire date with Glenbard.
    • If they are being reclassified into a TRS position, such as a special ed aide taking a teacher position, set this equal to the start date of their first TRS position.
    • Note: Once we set this date, we leave it alone.  Example: A special ed aide takes a teacher position 7/1/20, then in 21-22 they go back to being an aide, and then 7/1/22, they go back to being a teacher.  This employee’s TRS begin date should remain 7/1/20, their first teacher position with us; not be updated to 7/1/22.
  • TRS Contribution Category
    1. Click the green Add TRS Contribution Category button
    2. Set the Start Date equal to their start date with Glenbard (This date isn’t reported to TRS; it’s just needs to be prior to their first payroll date)
    3. TRS Contribution Category
      1. If the employee began participating in TRS 12/31/2010 or prior, set this to 01 – Tier 1 DB.
      2. If the employee began participating in TRS 1/1/2011 or after, set this to 02 – Tier 2 DB.
      3. If the employee already retired from TRS, set this to 99 – Retired.
      4. Most employees should only have a single line on this chart because they will not change between Tier 1 & Tier 2. Staff retired from TRS should have two lines. There are a few additional categories that may be used by some portion of the population but these would be managed by Payroll.