Making a Sale in Posterita

Bookstore sales are handled through a cloud based POS software called Posterita.

Getting There:

  • Logging into Posterita will automatically open the sales screen.
  • Otherwise, click the Menu tab at the top, then click Make a Sale.

 Making a Sale:

  1. Click in the customer field and scan the student’s ID or type the students name.
  2. Click on the matching student and click the OK button.
  3. Add items to the sale:
    1. Select items using the search bar.
      1. Click into the item field and scan the barcode or type the name of the item and hit enter.
      2. Matching items will appear in the middle of the screen.
      3. Click on the item to add it to the sale.
    2. Select items browsing the menu.
      1. Find the list of categories on the left hand side.
      2. Click on one of the categories like PE to see all matching items.
      3. Matching items will appear in the middle of the screen.
      4. Click on the item to add the sale.
  4. The items on the sale will appear in a list on the right of the screen.
  5. To change quantity, click on the number directly to the left of the item on the sale.
    1. Change the number and click Apply.
  6. To change price, click the dollar amount directly to the right of the item on the sale.
    1. Change the amount and click OK
  7. Click the green Sales button near the bottom right.
    1. Click Cash
      1. Enter the cash given in the Amount Tendered field.
      2. Click the buttons to add bills or coins. (i.e. Click the 20 button twice and the Amount Tendered will show $40)
      3. Give the appropriate change.
      4. Click OK
    2. Click Check
      1. Enter the check number
      2. Click OK
    3. Click Credit Card
      1. Scan the credit card from your credit card machine.
      2. Click OK
    4. Click On Credit for waived students 
      1. Click OK
  8. The receipt is automatically emailed to the student.
  9. Click the blue Print button to also print a receipt.

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