Returns in Posterita

This article explains how to accept a return after a sale has already been completed in Posterita.

  1. Scan the students ID while the cursor is in the customer field.
  2. Click the View Sales button.
  3. Click the blue Sales Receipt number to open the sale.
  4. Make note of the sale type found on the left under the Sold by area.
  5. Click the red Refund button.
  6. Click OK.
  7. If the entire sale is not being returned, remove items from the return by clicking the trash can next an item.
  8. Or if only one copy of multiple copies sold is being returned, change the quantitiy being returned by clicking the number to the left of an item.
  9. When only the items to be returned are showing, click the red Return button.  The Grand Total should equal the amount of the money being refunded. 
  10. Click the button that matches the return type (cash, credit, account).

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