Today’s Incomplete Office Visits

Nursing staff see many students throughout the day and it’s possible that a student could run out of the office without having a disposition or time-out added to that student’s office visit record. The “Today’s Incomplete Office Visits” report will locate any student records in this situation

To Get There:

  1. From the PowerSchool start page, click on Extended Reports under the Functions heading on the left side.
  2. Click on the Health tab.
  3. Click on Today’s Incomplete Office Visits under the Office Visits heading
  • This page lists office visits that are either missing a Time-out or an Outcome.
  • Click on the student IDs which appear in blue to open the matching students office visits page.

Past Incomplete Office Visits:

  • This is a similar report that is also located on the Health tab of Extended Reports.
  • Instead of showing office visits from today that are missing either a Time-Out or Outcome, this report will display incomplete office visits for any day prior to today.


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