Navigating Nurses’ Pages in PowerSchool

The following is quick reference guide of where all of the nurses tools can be found.

Functions Specific to a Single Student:

  • Select the student.
  • Click Health from the menu on the left under the Information Heading.
  • Click on one of the following tabs in the center of the page:
    • Immunizations: Record and update dates each dose of a vaccine was given.  Use the link on this page to print a record of a student’s vaccine records.
    • Office Visits: Record, update, or delete office visit records.
    • Screenings: Record, update, or delete health & vision screening records.

Reports & Functions for Multiple Students:

  • From the PowerSchool start page, click Extended Reports under the Functions heading on the left.
  • Click on the Health tab.
  • The Health reports are broken down under the following headings:
    • Immunizations:
      • Locate students that are non-compliant for vaccines
    • Office Visits:
      • Run graphs of office visit types and dispositions
      • Search through all student office visit records
      • Locate today’s office visit records that are missing a time-out or disposition.
      • Determine the amount of time being spent in office visits for different types of health conditions.
    • Screenings:
      • Search students’ screening status.

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