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Student Hearing Screenings

Health screenings can be entered into a student’s PowerSchool record under Health. This is only available to nursing staff.

Search Parameters

Perfect Attendance All Four Years

To help identify students that have never missed a period of school for four years, the Search for Perfect Attendance can be used for each year the students were in school. The Search for...

Search for Perfect Attendance

Search for Perfect Attendance

In PowerSchool there is a function specially designed to find students that have never missed a period of school or perfect attendance. This function can be run for the entire district or by a...

Quick Import Start

Adding Test Scores

There are two ways to add test scores into PowerSchool, manually or an import. When adding many scores, importing is the best method, but takes time and care. Adding one off or adjusting scores...


Lunch Intervention Attendance Report

The lunch intervention attendance report will show the lunch attendance for students that are marked for lunch intervention. The students will be listed with the current attendance mark.  If the student is marked with...

Scanning Lunch Intervention Attendance

A function has been developed to allow for scanning of ID’s for lunch resource.  A properly configured handheld scanner can be a connected to a machine and enable scanning of ID’s How to Scan...

Teacher/Staff Additional


Starting with PowerSchool 7.6 sections can be shared with additional teachers.  This means additional teachers can be added to sections with separate access. This means that the teachers can either share part or none...

Nurses’ Heading

There are a few items of data that are relevant to any activity being performed by a nurse. The items have been added to a heading that will appear on any student’s immunizations page,...

Office Visit Charts

If nursing staff need to report on the numbers of types of office visits or dispoistion of office visits, the Office Visit Charts can provide the required data.