Perfect Attendance All Four Years

To help identify students that have never missed a period of school for four years, the Search for Perfect Attendance can be used for each year the students were in school.

The Search for Perfect Attendance will be run for a group of students over and over for each year the students were in school.  Each time the function is run the number of students will be filter down to just those who have not missed a period of school.

 How to find students with 4 years of perfect attendance

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click 12 from the grade levels under the search box
  3. Set the term to the current year term at the top of the screen
  4. Click Special Functions>Search for Perfect Attendance
  5. For Attendance mode to use select “Meeting”
  6. Select “The selected X students
  7. Select the date range
    1. The start date is the beginning of the school year
    2. The ends date is the end of the school year
  8. Enter the ATS,DO,DT,FT,GUI,ISS,NUR,RES,SF,TE,TU in Disregard these codes when searchingSearch Parameters
  9. Click Submit
    • This will run for a long time.  Please do not leave this page until the resulting page loads
    • The result will look this Group Functions
  10. Repeat Steps 3-9, each time setting the year term for the previous year.
    • Typically step 3 will be done 3 more times for each year that has past
  11. After the last year is run, the group of students left in your selection will be the students that did not miss a period of school


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