Scanning Lunch Intervention Attendance

A function has been developed to allow for scanning of ID’s for lunch resource.  A properly configured handheld scanner can be a connected to a machine and enable scanning of ID’s

How to Scan

Be sure to have a scanner plugged in, properly configured, and working. A properly configured scanner is a scanner that will emulate a keyboard and hit enter after each scan.

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Click Extended Reports>Functions>Taking Lunch Intervention Attendance
  3. Choose the lunch period
  4. Click Start Scan
  5. Begin scanning
    • If an ID does not scan, enter the student number manually
    • If there is no id to scan, type the student’s name and choose the student name
  6. Once finished scanning click Stop Scan
  7. Review the results
    1. Copy the section in red and email this information to the attendance office
    2. Review that the students appear properly
    3. If additional students need to be added or scanned, click Start Scan and repeat steps 4-7ResourceAttendanceResults
  8. Click Submit Attendance

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