Adding Test Scores

There are two ways to add test scores into PowerSchool, manually or an import. When adding many scores, importing is the best method, but takes time and care. Adding one off or adjusting scores can be done though the manual method.

Manually Adding Test Scores

  1. Log into PowerSchool Administrator
  2. Select the student
  3. Click on Test Results from the left menu
  4. Select the test the scores are a part of
  5. Click Submit
  6. Enter the date of the test
    • For test dates other then MAP and AP tests, the actual test date can be used.
    • The test dates for MAP must be one of the below where YYYY is the four digit year 
      • For Fall     10/01/YYYY
      • For Winter 01/01/YYYY
      • For Spring 05/01/YYYY
    • For AP Tests use 05/01/YYYY
  7. Enter the semester it was taken
  8. Enter the grade level of the student at the time the test was taken
  9. The next screen will show all the possible scores available
  10. Enter the score in the Numeric column that corresponds to that score
    • Do not enter information in the Alpha and Percent columns

Importing Scores

Importing test scores is different then a normal import.  For each test, one of the below templates must be used.  Also once a test is imported, test scores cannot be add, updated, or changes via an import; they must be done by hand, manually.  The import templates are to be opened using Excel

Importing scores is a two step process. Step one is enter the data into the proper template below.  Step two is to send the template to the school data personal, who can then import the data.  If the data is not enter correctly in step one, the data personal are not responsible for data being importing incorrectly.

Using the Import Template

The staff member in charge of creating the file to be imported into PowerSchool must use the appropriate template below.

  1. Decide which test will be imported
  2. Download the appropriate template below
  3. Open the template in Excel
  4. All fields in the template are required
    • If a score is unavailable, leave that score empty.  Do not enter a zero or anything
    • For test dates other then MAP, the actual test date can be used.
    • The test dates for MAP must be one of the below where YYYY is the four digit year 
      • For Fall     10/01/YYYY
      • For Winter 01/01/YYYY
      • For Spring 05/01/YYYY
  5. Once the file is finished, create a Web Help Desk ticket with the attachment with the problem type of student data request
    • Remember that once scores are imported the only way to change, update, or delete scores is by individual students manually

Importing Test Score

In the building, only data personal are allowed to import data into PowerSchool.  Test scores follow a similar process to import test scores are import demographics.  The only difference is that there is one more step involved.  As with every import into PowerSchool, always either test the import on the test server or import only the first several line, check the import, and then import the remainder of the file

  1. Review the file and verify that everything is filled in properly
    • If the file is incorrect, notify the person creating the file that something is out of place.  Be specific.
  2. Log into PowerSchool
  3. Click on Special Function>Importing & Exporting>Quick Import
  4. For Table choose Test Results
  5. Choose the file
  6. Check the checkbox Suggest field map
  7. Click SubmitQuick Import Start
  8. Choose the proper testSelect Test
  9. Make sure the settings look like the settings in the table below
  10. Click Submit
Test Import Template Import Settings
ACT  ACT-Score-Template  ACTImport
Explore  Explorer Score Template Explore ImportSettings
MAP  MAP Score Template  MAP Import Settings
PLAN  PLAN Score Template PLAN Import Settings
PSAE  PSAE Score Template PSAE Import Settings
 ACCESS  Access Score Template  
SAT SAT Score Template  
PSAT 8/9


PSAT Score Template  
AP Test AP Test Template  
AAPPLTest AAPPL Test Template  

Put in the score of 9 for missing/not tested stores

DML Test Template  

If Listening and Speaking have non-numeric values use the column ending in .3

STAMP Test Template  

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