Search for Perfect Attendance

In PowerSchool there is a function specially designed to find students that have never missed a period of school or perfect attendance. This function can be run for the entire district or by a specific group.

The Search for Perfect Attendance function in PowerSchool can be found under Special Functions on the home screen of PowerSchool. The function gives you the ability to ignore codes in order to find those students that have never missed a period.  The reason the function allows you to ignore attendance codes is to give the ability to ignore things such as GUI (guidance), FT (fields trip), SF (student function), etc. These codes are all important codes, but they are different versions of being present.  Being able to ignore specific codes also enables the function to work in other ways, such as who has never been suspended, or who has never been tardy.

How to Search for Perfect Attendance

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. If working with a specific selection of student, select the group of students
  3. Click Special Functions>Search for Perfect Attendance
  4. For Attendance mode to use always select “Meeting”
  5. Select the students to with which to work
  6. Select the date range
    • Dates must be in the year selected at the top
  7. Enter the attendance codes (with commas between code) to ignore in Disregard these codes when searching
    • For perfect attendance enter all for the present codes such as ATS,DO,DT,FT,GUI,ISS,NUR,RES,SF,TE,TU
    • For never tardy enter all the tardy codes such as TE,TU
  8. Click Submit
    • This will run for a long time.  Please do not leave this page until the resulting page loads

Search for Perfect Attendance

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