Make a Sale in Posterita that Cannot be Waived

Students approved for fee waivers have their Bookstore sales waived. If a waived student is purchasing replacement items that need to charged to their account for later payment, there is an alternative sales process that can be followed.

  1. Click in the customer field and scan the student’s ID or type the student’s name.
  2. Click on the matching student and click the OK button.
  3. Click into the item search field, type “non” and click the magnifying glass or “return” on your keyboard.
  4. An Edit on the Fly window will pop-up.
  5. Type a Price and a Description and click OK.
  6. Continue the sales process as normal.

This fee will be imported to the student’s account on the regular twice-weekly schedule. Unlike normal bookstore charges, this sale will not be waived when it is applied to the student’s account.

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