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Copy WIP POs Before Fiscal Close

When purchase order access to the current fiscal year is closed, all WIP (work-in-progress) requisitions are lost.  All history of these WIP requisitions are deleted by the system.  Users can take steps to save...

Canceling a PO Requisition

Until approved and printed, a PO requisition can be cancelled by the person who made the submission.  Once approved and printed, POs must be cancelled by the business office.

eCommerce Purchase Orders

Instead of entering a blanket PO and then ordering from a vendor’s website, some vendors’ sites can integrate directly with Skyward and create a PO for the exact amount of your purchase.

Blanket Purchase Orders

This process should be followed for requesting a blank purchase order. Note: You no longer need to enter blank POs for Office Depot.  Check out the eCommerce Purchase Orders article.