National Merit Scholars

In mid September counselors will be notified regarding which students have been recommended as National Merit Semifinalists. Registrars then complete on-line applications for these students (On a per building basis. This is done by counselors in some buildings).

  1. Counselors will determine candidates. Go to If you have not previously created a log in you will need to do that first.natmerit
  2. Print each Semifinalists congratulatory letter. Give this to the student and set up a date prior to the deadline for completion of their application. Registrar will need some time to complete and submit the application.
  3. While waiting for the students to finish you can go in NMSC website and make any updates to your school profile. (Your school initially did this a couple years ago by adding all courses taught at your school). You must review profile and submit before you can begin working on student applications.
  4. Print your candidates’ current class schedule and transcript and begin the process of transcribing that info into the application. Found under manage applications. You can do this prior to the student completing their side of the application.
  5. Once the candidate has finished their application you can complete and submit the application. Have the counselor recommendation sent to you in a PDF thru email and then copy and past into application. Review the application before you submit. Once submitted, you cannot go back in and make any changes. Completion is usually due around the second week of October.

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