Intervention Program Tracking

There is a new way to track Intervention Programs. This new version will allow for flexible entry and exit, and better data collection. The new tracking will allow courses to be attached to the intervention. This int turn allows the ability to track grades when entering and when exiting. This will allow grade to be tracked in a better more systematic way.  All intervention can be track in mass or individually.

Program lifecycle

  1. Identify students that will need to be entered into a program
    • A PowerSchool report can be use
    • A outside/excel can be used
    • Any report that will produce a list of student ID’s
  2. Make the students a selection in PowerSchool
    • Use multi select
    • Select by hand
    • Using a report in PowerSchool
  3. If entering all students in the same program and the same start date the Mass Intervention function can be used. If the students have different information, enter each student individually.
  4. Once the intervention is complete, either the intervention can be closed in mass or individually.
  5. Run the intervention report