Closing Interventions

With the new Intervention Program, interventions will have to be closed in order for analysis to include ending grades.

A Closing Interventions function is available in PowerSchool>Extended Reports>Functions>Closing Intervention

Closing Intervention

The closing intervention function will show students that either do not have an end date, result or both. This function enables the ability to close multiple interventions at once.  To use the report please follow the steps below

  1. Log into PowerSchool
  2. Go to Extend Reports>Function>Closing Interventions
  3. Choose a Program(s)
    • To choose multiple programs hold control (win)/command (mac) and click
  4. Select a Present On date
    • The present on date will only display students that were enrolled on that particular date and do not have their program closed
    • A program is not closed if the exit date and result is blank.
  5. Click Load Reportclosing_setup
  6. Review  the report
    • Set the exit date
    • Set the result
    • Change the notes (optional)
    • The last column will display grades  at the beginning and current or end grades
  7. Scroll to the the bottom and Click Save