Skyward Mobile App

The company Skyward does provide a mobile app for their Employee Access product.  Glenbard has no control over this app, and it is UNSUPPORTED by Glenbard Technology.  

IMPORTANT: There are two versions of the Skyward mobile app which install differently depending when the mobile app was installed.  Glenbard upgraded Skyward effective March 9th, 2020.  If you installed the Skyward app prior to the upgrade, you MUST delete the app from your phone, then re-install the app to receive the upgraded version of the app.  The old version of the app will not be able to communicate with the upgraded Glenbard Skyward database.

Learn about installing the mobile app and navigating it.

If staff choose to use the mobile app, they must be certain to only download the official app as pictured below.  The app is “Skyward Mobile Access” and is produced by “Skyward, Inc“.  Staff must resolve all issues with the app on their own.

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