Upload Grade Changes to ISBE SIS


Student Course assignments (student courses and grades earned) are uploaded to ISBE SIS

at the end of each grading semester by the Admin for state reporting at the district level. Any

registrar grade changes or additions (Student enrolls with a transcript from another school district

outside of Illinois or a private school) must be uploaded to ISBE SIS.  

Outside course assignments need an active enrollment to be entered. Student course assignments just need an enrollment with the same home and serving RCDTS and within the enrollment dates. But can be exited.



Prepare an excel file of students/course assignments for upload.  Sort the file by school

year/term /glenbard earned grade.  ALL student course assignments for the selected

student/school year/term will be submitted to ISBE, not just the course with a grade change.


upload SCA excel


Each unique school year/term/glenbard earned grade sort will become a batch which can contain

multiple student numbers.


Select a single student number or select multiple student_numbers from your worksheet for your batch in the Powershool search box:

ps search id

Run the student course assignment report in Powerschool.

/system reports/state reports/IL student course assignment (you can navigate to the

state report once and bookmark the page on your browser for quick way to run the report).


SCA prompts



The report will be in the report que.  The file is in .txt format. Open file and save or right click on the word

‘view’ and save as to your computer.

Note the filename.txt  which you will need to know after the batch processing is complete.


report que


Warning==> Look at the file to make sure the results are as expected. Always make sure

you are uploading the data you are intending to send to ISBE.  


Upload the file to ISBE SIS

Login to ISBE SIS/System Listing

Select the Student Information System

isbe batch


upload batch


You will receive an email from ISBE when your batch processing is complete.  In ISBE SIS choose batch

file/download to find your batch results.

batch download

Your result file will open in .txt format. Each course assignment record that was submitted will have a

 result code and comment. If you have errors you must re-run the batch and re-submit the student

course assignments.

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