504 Plan- ISBE

How to Enter 504 data in Powerschool:

Choose from the left menu in Powerschool – State/Province – IL

Then choose tab ‘504 Plan’ (you must have security permission to

Access this page)

Do not enter any information in the student section

Only enter information in the Student 504 Plan section

If dates are left blank the displayed default dates will be submitted to ISBE.

Any entered dates will submit as entered and override the displayed dates.

If a student transfers out of school the 504 end date will automatically match the student’s exit date and be submitted to ISBE.

How to search in Powerschool for active student enrollments with a 504 plan:

Helpful TIPS:

  • Once a student is marked 504 in Powerschool this indicator must remain for the entire school year. This is historical (by date) information on the student. A student can have multiple date ranges for start/stop 504 in a school year.
  • Powerschool 504 data is reported to ISBE SIS weekly. Any errors will be returned to District office (Monica).
  • Never remove a 504 indicator unless it was selected and reported in error – contact district office (Monica) if you need a record removed.
  • If any dates were entered incorrectly – contact district office (Monica). If a date was entered incorrectly it cannot simply be updated. The incorrect 504 dates will need to be corrected at the district/state level before the correct dates can be updated.
  • If a student has a 504 for the whole school year the start/end date entry is not required. Do not enter an end date. The system will default to the student’s start/end enrollment dates (these are displayed on the 504 page).
  • Enter the 504-end date if 504 stops for a student. If the 504 stops at the end of the school year the end date entry is not necessary. The system will report the last day of school.
  • If a student has more than one set of date ranges within a year(multiple starts/stops) and you need to add an additional date range – contact district office (Monica).
  • 504 Student enrollment changes may be done automatically at the district office due to placement or FTE changes. If a 504 student is exited by district staff and re enrolled, their 504 historical dates and current dates will be maintained per their enrollment.
  • 504 students will be reviewed and updated as necessary over the summer after Powerschool rollover ,and before the new school year starts. This is the time when unchecking the 504 box would be appropriate.

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