ISBE Student Transfer Form

Important: This form is only available to active students in PowerSchool.


ISBE provides a student transfer form(student must be active in ISBE SIS to access the form) for the purpose of providing student transfer information to the receiving school.

 Make sure the student is in good standing before completing this form.

  1. Log in to ISBE
  2. Select ‘Reports’ from the left-side column array
  3. Select [+] Individual Student and select ‘Detail’
  4. Enter the student’s ISBE SID
  5. Select ‘Student Transfer Form’ and ‘Create PDF Report’
  6. Open the .pdf file with Adobe Acrobat
  7. From the Tools menu in the right-side column, select the dropdown arrow ‘Sign & Certify’
  8. Select ‘Place Signature’ and select the signature area on the document
  9. Enter the password for the selected signature and save the new document.

Click on any of the steps to view the process

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