Student Transfers – ALOP Identified Serving School

Due to the ISBE requirements for student enrollment and attendance reporting, students attending an ALOP Identified Serving school must have their PowerSchool enrollment reflect where they are attending. This process applies to transfer from home school to ALOP identified serving school and back to home school. This process may also include Court Placed student enrollments.

  1. The home school (APSS/Guidance Director) and the off campus facilitator initiating the change in a student’s enrollment notifies the Assistant to Off campus facilitator/Data/Registrar that the student will be changing enrollment and the effective dates.
  2. Assistant to Off Campus facilitator – Exit student enrollment using state exit code 17 (Change in serving school or FTE). You must enter an exit comment of “Exited to attend ‘Name of serving school’ ” or “Exited ‘Name of serving school’ to attend home school”. Exit/enroll dates must be 1 day apart.
  3. Assistant to Off Campus facilitator – Enter a Web Help ticket to IT PowerSchool admin for state reporting for the student exit in ISBE SIS system.
  4. Indicate that this is an Off Campus transfer along with details of the transfer.
  5. Assistant to Off Campus facilitator will re-enroll the student when all placement procedures are complete using state entry code 04- (Transfer in from within District.) Use entry comment ‘Attending name of serving school;non claim code ALOP. Enter enrollment type non claimable for attendance reporting.
  6. If a student has returned to the home school from the ALOP identified serving school follow above steps to exit and re-enroll in the home school. Non claim code ALOP is NOT entered in the transfercomment. Change enrollment type to Claimable.
  7. Assistant to Off Campus facilitator will send out a final email to data specialist/registrar when student enrollment is complete.
  8. Data specialist – enter the student’s off campus schedule.

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