ALOP (GED) Off Campus-Transfer Students

*This article may be out of date. If a student is transferring to pursue their GED, please use exit code 10 and the exit comment found on this article.*


Due to the ISBE requirements for student enrollment and attendance reporting students in the ALOP GED program must have their Powerschool enrollment exited.

Please follow these instructions:

  1. The off campus facilitator will be initiating/communicating the change for a student’s enrollment to an ALOP (GED) program.
  2. Data Specialists – per Assistant to off campus facilitator email – Exit student enrollment using state exit code 10 (Exited to ALOP Program)
    1. The exit date will be the effective date of entry into the ALOP program.
    2. You must enter an exit comment of “Exited to attend ALOP” .

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