PowerScheduler Parameters

Parameters in PowerScheduler are used to dictate the boundaries of the master schedule.

The parameters are copied over each year by District Office technology.

Each building’s Data Specialist maintains the school’s Catalog parameter.  This parameter defines which courses are available per school. (Read the Activating a Course in the Course Catalog article for more details)

Teams are used for scheduling at East but not the other Glenbard schools. Teams are groupings of students and teachers.  East groups students and teachers together for their freshman year to help foster collaborating relationships and consistency for students’ first year.  The team names are created in PowerScheduler.  Students can be added to teams in their individual student records.

The following parameters are setup by the District Office:

  • Days-Glenbard only uses an A day.  This will be changed if Glenbard ever changes to block scheduling.
  • Departments-List the letter abbreviations for all departments including no-credit and off campus: AR, BU, DE, EN, FC, FL, HE, ID, IT, MA, MU, NC, OC, PE, SC, SE, SP, SS, TC
  • Periods-Select all available periods
  • Years & Terms-Although Glenbard uses quarters, only the year and each semester need to be set up in the PowerScheduler parameters since there are no sections that can be scheduled for individual quarters.

The following parameters are not used for scheduling at Glenbard:

  • Building
  • Facilities
  • Houses
  • Section Types


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