Term ID Definitions

This article discusses how termIDs are created and how to determine the exact ID of a year, semester, quarter, etc.

TermIDs can be broken into 2 parts:

  1. The hunderds which represent the year
  2. The ones represent the term

Example: 2201 is broken down into 22 and 01.  The 22 represents year 22 of PowerSchool and the 01 represents the first term of that year or Semester 1 for Glenbard.

  • 1990 is year 0 and each year after is the following.  1991 is year 1, 1992 is year 2, 2000 is year 10, 2010 is year 20, 2020 will be year 30, etc
  • The term ID that represents an entire year is the year multiplied by 100.  So, the term ID for 2010 is 20 x 100 or 2000

Semesters and Quarters and other smaller breakdowns

  • Once you know the term ID for the year, the rest of the term IDs depened on how the district is breaking down the year (semesters, quarters, trimesters, something else)
  • Each successive term adds 1 to the term ID.  We start with the highest level terms and then move on to smaller breakdowns.
  • Currently Glenbard uses both semesters and quarters so the break down works in the following manner:
    • Semester 1 is the 1st term of the year (example: S1 of 2012 = term id 2201)
    • Semester 2 is the 2nd term of the year (example: S2 of 2012 = term id 2202)
    • Quarter 1 is the 3rd term of the year (example: Q1 of 2012 = term id 2203)
    • Quarter 2 is the 4th term of the year (example: Q2 of 2012 = term id 2204)
    • Quarter 3 is the 5th term of the year (example: Q3 of 2012 = term id 2205)
    • Quarter 4 is the 6th term of the year (example: Q4 of 2012 = term id 2206)


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