Online Verification

Parents and guardians are able to log into the parent portal and enter any demographic changes. They can do this any time. At the end of the year parents will have to change or verify their student’s information. If they do not complete change or verify the demographic by a certain date it will lock them out of all information except the ability to change email notifications, account information, and the ability to change or verify their information. They will also not be able to pay for their fees.
After a parent or guardian changes information, the school will be able to do an easy query and find all the students with changes.  The school can review and accept any or all of the changes with only a few clicks.  All the data entered by the parents or guardians will be validated on entry to keep all errors to minimum.

How it works

This is a two part process.
Part one is having guardians log into PowerSchool and review their students’ demographics.
Part two is where the school goes in and finds corrections and reviews them.

Part One

  1. A guardian logs in
  2. A popup window will appear
    1. The window will either tell them they still need to verify the information
    2. The popup window will contain a link to review their students data.
    3. They will also be able to click on Student Info to review their student’s data
  3. Review the data
    1. The parent will verify the data by reviewing the current data and, if everything is fine, simply acknowledge the disclaimer then click submit
    2. If there are changes, they will enter the change to the right of the current data, acknowledge the disclaimer, and click submit.
  4. Once the parent is done they will have access to all of the pages again.

Part Two

There are several new fields to manage the process (corrected_data, corrected_date, corrected, corrected_by,verified).   You will be able to use these fields to find students that have not be verified, students with pending corrections, and who last corrected the data.   The corrections search should be run as often as possible preferably not less than once a day.

Field Values Search Example Additional Note
Corrections 1=there are correction
0/blank=no correction
corrections=1  Only values are blank,0 or 1
Verified A date in this format
Means find students what haven’t verified since 03/01/2011
March 1, 2011 (3/1/2011) turns into 20110301
Correction_data Contains the information changed by the guardian This should be rarely searched, but use “contains” to find information in this field  Contact IT for additional Information via Web Help Desk
Person_last_updated The person who lasted changed the information Person_last_updated contains smith
Correction_date A date in this format
 correction_date =20110301
Means the demographics was changed on 03/01/2011
March 1, 2011 (3/1/2011) turns into 20110301

How to review demographic changes.

  1. Search corrections=1
  2. A list of students that need to be reviewed
  3. Click on Demo Verify
  4. The review the changes
    1. If you do not want to accept a change click deny
    2. You are able to change the information the parent has submitted.
    3. Residency flags will be changes when the mailing address is changed.
    4. All approvals are logged.
  5. Move to the next student

How do you find the students that have not verified/made changes to demographics.

  1. correction_date<yyyymmdd
  2. +correction_date=
  3. The list that appears are the students that have not verified/made changes as of mm/dd/yyyy

How do you find the students that have completed the verification?

  1. Search correction_date>=yyyymmdd
  2. The list that appears is the students that have been verified.
  3. The resulting list are the students that have finished the Demographic Verification process.

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