Parent Needs to Add a New Student to His/Her Account

Parents can add new student’s to their existing PowerSchool accounts.  They do NOT need to create a new guardian account for each new student.

  1. Before starting the process of adding a new student to your account be sure that you have these three things:
    1. Student Name
    2. Student’s Access ID
    3. Student’s Access Password
  2. Click on Account Preferences in the Navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
  3. There are two tabs to the Account Preferences page; Profile and Students. Click on the Students tab.
  4. The “My Students” list on the Students tab will reflect your current students.
  5. Click the Add+ button on the on the far right side of the screen.
  6. A box with the title “Add Student” will pop up. Fill in each of the following fields for your student:
    1. Student Name (first name and last name)
    2. Access ID (This is the same as your student’s ID)
    3. Access Password
  7. Choose your Relationship to your student
  8. Click on the Submit button in the bottom right
  9. After clicking Submit on the “Add Student” screen, you will be returned to the Account Preferences screen and your student will now appear in your “My Students” list.

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