Web Help Desk – Creating Tickets

Web Help Desk is Glenbard’s Ticketing system. Web Help Desk will help the right people get the right tickets and expedite get a solution.

A few things to remember when creating a Ticket.

  • Always create your own tickets, unless you are unable to log in
  • If you cannot log in, please have your DC put in a ticket to get your login corrected. Do not have your DC put in a ticket about the original issue.
  • Having any sort of “middle man” will delay any solution
  • AWAYS read the instructions when Creating a ticket


First, click the Request button in the Web Help Desk toolbar.

You will be brought to a blank ticket. The different parts of the form are numbered and explained below.


1. Request Type

Choose the correct Request Type according to the issue at hand. (All Request Types have detailed descriptions for when to use them.) Some Request Types will create a second or third drop-down box with additional options.
Note: You must select an option from all drop-down boxes in order to submit the ticket.

2. Subject

Enter a descriptive “title” for the issue.

3. Please Read!

This green box displays details on when it is best to use the Request Type that you have chosen. (Please read the descriptions if you are not already familiar with them. There will be a delay if your ticket is routed incorrectly.)

4. Request Detail

Include detailed information about the issue. (Please be as descriptive as possible.)

5. Attachments

Click the Add File button to add an attachment to the ticket. (This is useful for adding screenshots of error messages or other information that can be helpful for a Technician to assist with a help request.)

This shows the far-right side of the Help Request window:

6. Cancel & Save buttons

Cancel button: Cancels the ticket. Your request will not be submitted.

Save button: Saves & Submits the ticket. The button will only be active if the Request Type is completed. Additionally, the ticket can saved only if the Request Detail has been filled out.

7. Currently Logged-On User

This should always show your first and last name (or the name or your account). Log off from Web Help Desk if this account does not belong to you.

To log off:

  1. Move your mouse cursor over the round, green button next to the user name.
  2. The button will turn red.
  3. Click the button to log off.


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