Web Help Desk – Viewing Ticket History

How to view your ticket history in Web Help Desk.

1. Click the History button on the Web Help Desk toolbar.


2. All of your Active tickets will be displayed by default. Below is an example of all “Closed” tickets:


A) Filters and search options:

Ticket No.

If you know the ticket number you are searching for type it in this box. (You must type the entire ticket number to return any results.)


You can view tickets according to their status:


Shows all tickets.

All active

Show all Open and Pending tickets.

Closed, Cancelled, Resolved

These are tickets that are considered “solved”. Generally they will be marked as Closed.

Request Approved, Pending, Declined

These types are only used for Equipment Loan Requests.


You may search for tickets containing all words entered in this box. Works best with the Status set to search All tickets.

Click the Search button to begin your search. Clicking the Clear button will reset the view to the default.


B) Column Headings

Some of these headings will let you sort your tickets according to your choice if you click the heading title. These are marked with an asterisk (*). For example, your tickets will be sorted by the Ticket # if you click the “No.” heading.

* No.

Ticket Number. Every ticket has a unique number.

* Date

The day the ticket was created.

* Updated

The last day that the ticket was edited.

* Status

The current status of the ticket.

Request Detail

A descrition of the help request and any notes added by you or a Technician.

Not Shown:


Shows if there are any Attachments added to the ticket and how many have been added.


Lets you know if the ticket is a Survery. (Rarely used)


A link to the ticket.


C) A listing of the tickets according to the filter and search options that you have chosen.

The numbers inside of the dark blue boxes are Ticket Numbers. Clicking on one of these will show you more details about the ticket.


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