Managing Voicemail

Manage your Glenbard voicemail and change your greeting message.

Retrieving Messages

All Glenbard employees will receive voice messages delivered directly to their email accounts. The audio messages will appear as an attachment in the email. There is no need to listen to voicemail on the phone. If you notice that your voicemails are not getting sent to your email please submit a Web Help Desk ticket to your building technicians at

Changing Your Greeting

The default voicemail message is your spoken name. Should you choose to personalize your greeting, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Dial into the system by calling extension “2500” or press the Messages button on the phone.
  2. If prompted, enter your system ID (your 4-digit extension), followed by #.
  3. Enter your current PIN.
    Note: The first time you access the account, you will use a default PIN code, “123#”. You will be required to update this PIN code before personalizing your greeting.
  4. Press “4” for settings
  5. Press “1” to hear your current greeting.
  6. Press “1” to record an updated greeting – Press # to end the recording

Should you lose or forget your PIN code, you will need to submit a Web Help Desk ticket to your school’s technicians to have them reset the code.

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