Glenbard Desk/Classroom Phones

Your desk phone, or the phone in your classroom, has a couple quick steps on how to use it. You can dial another extension, dial an outside number, and check the voicemail.

Making a call within the District (to another District phone)

  • Dial the extension of the desired person to contact
    • It will be four digits in length

Making an outside call

  • Press “7” then “1” and the area code followed by the number
    • It will look like “71-XXX-XXX-XXXX”

Checking your voicemail

  • Dial 2500
    • Then enter your pin.
  • Or press the envelope button that says Messages above it

Calling a person’s voicemail directly

  • Press the asterisk (star button) followed by the extension
    • It will look like “*XXXX”

Transferring a call

  • While on the call press transfer, dial the extension that you are transferring to, and press transfer one more time
    • You only have 3-4 seconds to complete this or the call will not be transferred

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