Updating a Student Address in PowerSchool

For a quick tutorial of any of these steps, see this video.

  1. Pull up the student in PowerSchool. Glenbard will only change the addresses of active students, so if the student requires a “/” to find, refer them to the Counseling department.
  2. Click on the student’s “Addresses” screen in the left column.
  3. Replace the home address. Use the following format when typing in the new address:
    1. Capital letters at the beginning of every word (150 W St Charles Rd)
    2. Use abbreviations for all directions and the street suffix. See this guide for proper suffix notation.
    3. Never use any punctuation
  4. Click “Copy from Home Address” to replace the mailing address with the student’s new address (if applicable).
  5. Hit submit and provide an address change reason. The address change reason should supply the source. Hit submit once more.
  6. If the family is supplying updated paperwork, check the checkbox below. Make sure your name appears beside the “Last Residency Check Update”
    • Generally, we only change a student’s address if the parent is supplying the supporting paperwork. If the checkbox was already checked, it’s recommended to un-check, then re-check the box to show all users when the paperwork was collected.