Checking Pay Voucher Status

  1. From Employee Access, click Timesheets Week History.
  2. A pending voucher will be in a Waiting for Approval status.
  3. Click the arrow in a circle button next to the voucher in question.
  4. Click Approval Process on the left.
    1. There are two tables. The table at the top titled Waiting for Approval shows the currently pending approval. The name next to the “S – Assigned To” line is the currently pending approver.
    1. The bottom table titled Approval History shows the completed steps. This will show when the voucher was submitted and when approvers have approved or denied a submission.
  5. The last approval step is “Payroll”. When the Payroll Coordinator runs a payroll, they will approve vouchers that no longer need supervisor/APO approval and pay them out on the next payroll cycle.