ESY (Extended School Year)

Per ISBE requirements, students attending extended school year with IEP’s must maintain their enrollments through the summer (SIS/ISTAR). 

Any students identified as ESY (PowerSchool IEP/504 page at the bottom) will be excluded from SIS EOY exit process round 1 with the general student population.

SIS EOY exit process round 2 – ESY students will be exited as a group per their ESY end date in Powerschool or 7/31 which is the maximum exit date in SIS ,with the same exit code criteria as general student population for graduated/retained/promoted etc.

The student services department will maintain the Powerschool ESY data. All students must be identified before the SIS EOY date. The ESY indicator,RCDTS code ,start and end dates are entered in Powerschool on the 504/IEP page. Students changing placements for ESY will have a different ESY RCDTS code than the last active enrollment on the transfer page.

ESY IEP/504 Page entry:

Do not edit Powerschool enrollment.   Only update the 504 page /ESY at the bottom to reflect the ESY enrollment needed to create a SIS record. Students that are not changing placement for ESY will not require a new SIS enrollment record.

Query ESY students in Powerschool:

Export ESY data, Choose quick export for these fields:

The student services department will provide a web help ticket to data services before the scheduled SIS EOY date (typically mid-June) to request ESY exclusion.

ISBE SIS EOY.Exit process has been adjusted to accommodate the ESY exclude students.

Every year in at the end of Semester 1 the ESY data from the previous year will be cleared in Powerschool to prepare for the new ESY. Web Help ticket from District Student services required.

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